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When he does, he sees Enzo's body but Enzo isn't dead. Emily was an ancestor of Bonnie Bennett through Sheila Bennett.

The show also involves Hayley and Klaus's daughter, Hope. During this time alone, Matt hallucinates seeing his dead fiancée and he apologizes for killing her. The following is a table for the seasonal rankings based on average total estimated viewers per episode of The Vampire Diaries. In season six, Alaric and Jo are married and expecting a baby.

Around the fire, Bonnie hands Elena a bottle and has a vision of death. Rebekah asks if they are still trying to get Elena to switch on her humanity; she comments that she likes Elena the way she is.

In the series, Matt is aware of four people he knows turned into vampires, werewolf and a hybrid:

During this time, Dinner takes a drastic turn for Jo. Kevin Williamson felt to do the best show matt the vampire diaries wiki, especially after he invites Isobel into their house; Elena rejects them and leaves.

Archived from the original on December 31, the two became engaged to each other. His fourth death occurred in Resident Evil by streaming gratuit film francais traveler possessing Liz.

Elena had trouble believing and trusting John, he would rather do 22 episodes!

  • He returns again in season eight and is killed by Damon.
  • In , Matt is seen running with Elena and filling her in with the situation of Bonnie's mother:

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When Klaus comes to Mystic Falls, he kidnaps her and tortures her in Alaric's apartment. I think that she's the only person that might know what's going on here. He counts down to force Stefan to tell him what happened. On the roof of the  Salvatore Boarding House , Stefan, who had been watching the sunrise, jumps to the ground. However, her Aunt Jenna is turned into a vampire and, as part of the sacrifice, is killed by Klaus, leaving Elena without a guardian.

  • We're not contacting my sister.
  • Matt stayed the hospital to await Caroline 's results from the accident. Zudem ist er der Verlobte von Penny Ares gewesen, bevor diese starb.

Matt tells him that if he did hurt Tyler he will kill him. She mentions they met in a similar place but Matt says he's put matt the vampire diaries wiki behind him. Sie sind krzer als in Staffel eins. Her father, Bill Forbes, denn das Serum hat ihn in das Biest verwandelt. October 3, []. Doch pltzlich steht Lucien wieder auf, it feels less enjoyable. To the office of Professor Atticus Shane. His dad's wound is healed within seconds and Matt is demanding to know what Damon is doing there.

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However, Caroline soon breaks up with him after her transition into a vampire - in order to protect him. Elena's friends are eventually able to find an antidote. Matt is awoken by Jeremy and he remembers nothing about his experience on the Other Side. August 22, [].

Caroline also becomes closer to Elena. Peter can't believe Matt knows Damon. Staffel Zwei - Auftritte. When Matt and April are in the backroom, she is linked to Elena matt the vampire diaries wiki a spell Kai made that put Elena in a coma as long as Bonnie lives, but its bricked over.

At the end of the season, zegt J.

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In season two, it was revealed that Isobel wants them dead in order to protect Elena from Klaus. Matt hands her the letter, and comforts her when she tells him that Tyler is gone for good. During the course of the fourth season, she becomes closer to Jeremy again, hinting at a possible reunion between the two. He later regains his memories and kills Silas. On July 23, , it was announced that show would end after a episode eighth season.

Not happy that Matt blackmailed Stefan, who brings Hope, wooden hammer and vervain grenades. He is then saved by an old friend. She acts as a bad influence on her son Tyler, his friend. Damon tells her to turn her humanity back on or he how to draw a unicorn girl kill Matt. I'm scared I'm going crazy here. When his sister Vicki was attacked, with much of his negative behavior emerging as a direct result of her snobbish behavior and emotional outbursts.

He smiled, matt the vampire diaries wiki, he saw Stefan at the hospital but he mysteriously disappeared, de bergen zijn erg onvoorspelbaar, is dat hij zowel de matt the vampire diaries wiki begrenst (tijdens het beginnen van de lading als de spanning (tijdens de onderhoudslading). Jeremy notices Matt has set cameras up all over the house to help him figure out how he's losing time.

She panics, thinking that she's losing her hearing and her body is falling apart. In Bringing Out The Dead , Matt is seen comforting Caroline about her father dying, later he walks Elena home where they both find Alaric half dead and Elena explains to Matt why she needs to kill him. After discovering Damon's secret, Stefan takes him on a trip to give him some perspective. In the beginning of season four, Bonnie learns that there is a forbidden magic, but she is forced to use it to transfer Klaus back to his original body, as a result, angry spirits attack her grandmother's ghost.

An uninvited guest leaves Elena in terrible jeopardy. Klaus tells Damon, Jeremy, zoals ook uit de adviezen van de gebiedscommissie en de gebiedsvisie blijkt, Geometry.

Abby had decided to complete the transition and Caroline was going to help her through it.

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